5 Natural Steps in Nutrition for Good Mental Health

The last few years have been exceptionally stressful for so many – not to mention the next year ahead, with economic worries and such fast paced lives! It’s no wonder why so many of us are left feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and anxious. Our mental health is suffering and it is vital that we support our own self care and wellbeing more than ever, in today’s society! 

But how? 

According to studies, 1 in 6 people are now being prescribed anti depressants – with up to 46% of people experiencing withdrawal effects when trying to come off them; half of which are severe!

So, to try and avoid taking medication, or support your wellbeing when on them – what are some simple, natural strategies and tips that we can give to help you take care of YOU and your good mental health?

Well, we know that nutrition plays a huge part in our mood and wellbeing! 

1. Take a high quality Omega supplement!

Essential Omega-3 fatty acids are found in fish such as salmon, mackerel and herring – and the algae they eat, as a plant-based alternative. Study after study has shown that the combination of EPA and DHA means less aggression, less emotional and physical outbursts and, generally, a calmer outlook.

For our recommendation of plant based omegas, click here.

2. Eat a low GI diet, high in fibre – and cut the sugar.

The glycemic load (GL) helps people assess how food portions affect blood sugar levels. Studies have shown that foods with a high GL influence blood glucose levels quickly (foods such as bread, rice and many breakfast cereals) and cause an increase of up to 38% in depressive symptoms. 

The best types of Low GI foods to eat for a good mood are green vegetables, strawberries, apples, pears, raw carrots, kidney beans, chickpeas, lentils and bran breakfast cereals – and well-balanced macro nutritional protein shakes, which keep you fuller for longer and help balance those pesky sugar cravings!

3. Get your Sunshine and Vitamin D.

In general, the lower your Vitamin D, the lower your mood – so in the summer months, get out there and soak up the sun! And outside of the summer months, it’s really important to supplement your Vitamin D levels with at least 15mcg per day from around September – April in the UK.

For further information on our favourite and most effective bioavailable Vitamin D supplement, contact The Atman Clinic – and their Solray D Liposome spray, with Vitamin K2.

4. Magnificent Magnesium

Magnesium has been renowned for its calming effect on anxiety and depression. Magnesium is found naturally in foods like nuts, leafy green vegetables, and milk products – but with so many magnesium supplements on the market and types of magnesium you can take, its a minefield of information – so be sure to do your research.

But foods naturally high in magnesium include wheat bran, amaranth, cooked spinach, sunflower seeds, black beans, mackerel, flaxseeds, bananas, avocados, cashews, almonds – and great news for most of us – High quality dark chocolate. I mean, we all love chocolate right?

5. Boost your B’s!

B Vitamins including B6, B12 and Folate have been indicative of increasing and supporting good mental health. B vitamins play a role in producing brain chemicals that affect mood and other brain functions, as well as relieving stress and boosting cognitive performance, memory function – and even help to stave off dementia.

Foods rich in B Vitamins include fish, liver, beans and lentils, spinach, broccoli, eggs, bananas, oats, nuts, seeds, green peas, firm tofu, avocado and enriched plant based milks. You could also try a natural energy drink containing a range of essential B Vitamins, to help support your busy days. 

For any further tips – or just to be part of a positive community, please do check out our Wellness Hub over on Facebook – and be sure to invite any friends to join us too!

Always here to help, and serve. With love from Chloe and the Team! xx

Written by Chloe Myers

September 27, 2022

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