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Be empowered to be more independent

Overwhelmed by the work/life juggle?

Struggling with the rising cost of living?

Frustrated by the lack of flexibility at work?

Yearning for more time with your family and for yourself?

Stressed out thinking about your financial future and provision?

    The ever increasing bills, long days of work meetings, major organisation skills required to manage family schedules and school activities… Its all part of daily life, and rewarded with an hours sit down before bed, or a weekend spent cramming in some quality time together as a family.

    We struggle to balance the 40 hour weeks around our families and commitments. We sacrifice our incomes to raise our children. We baulk at the rising childcare costs, or the thought of working to retirement, only to the live on a small pension. We have no time, little balance and minimum satisfaction.

    We know, first hand, that it is not easy to live a life of abundance and choice. We’ve been stuck, skint, unhappy, exhausted, frustrated, worried, and the rest. We also know that you can take big steps out of the rut to see incredible change, because we’ve done it… And now we want to help you do it too!

    At #TheBePlan, we inspire change and help you create more time, choice and freedom to do more of the things you love, with who you love. Life is, after all, for living!

    Be part of something special and unique

    Be empowered to change your life

    Be inspired to take control of your future

    Be equipped to support your family

    Be more independent and secure financially

    Be excited for the lives you will positively impact

    Be supported in creating a ‘Plan B’ for greater stability


    Our team is based upon a shared vision for a higher quality of life: One of purpose, that positively impacts you, your family and your friends. If you are like us, you want to be a part of something special, to change lives and in doing so, change your own. You desire a sense of autonomy, to generate time freedom, expand your skills, grow in confidence, enhance your identity, maximise your savings pot and generate a flexible Plan safety net, built around the way you live, on your terms.

    What we have is vision and experience, with over 50 years of stability and growth within one of the fasted growing and empowering industries within the health and wellness space. We are connecting with likeminded people around the world with purpose and inspiration.

    If this connects with you, then you could be our next member of #TheBePlan. 

    Discounts on your products

    Commissions on product orders

    A personal global website providing access to grow online in 30 countries

    An achievable financial rewards structure and 6 figure cash bonus scheme

    Equal opportunity

    121 mentorship every step of the way, to start, scale and succeed

    Full online training and support

    An personalised, fully automated online back office

    Zero risk, with none of the heavy start up costs or investments

    A supportive community of likeminded partners, sharing advice and having fun

    Freedom and flexibility to build within the hours you choose, where you want, with who you want.

    If this excites and inspires you, we would love to talk to you:
    Take those steps to maximise your life and let us support you along the way! Joining our team is more than financial gain. It’s visionary, bringing you and those around you to life.

    What Our Partners Say

    “Being an Holistic Wellness Coach is a very rewarding career but it can be lonely and challenging on my own.

    Working with #TheBePlan has meant that I’ve now got a positive team of people to bounce ideas off and a community of support when designing and creating programmes for my wellness clients.

    The products we use at the support my clients on a foundational level, so that they can get the best from my programmes and really see lasting results. It all aligns so beautifully.”

    Beth McLenahan

    Wellness Coach

    I’m all about preventative measures to health and wellbeing and so when I learnt about the products, it was like a light bulb going off, as I felt this was the missing link that I, and other people need daily in their lives to help keep them well, from a preventative point of view.

    I instinctively knew this was a great offering and started straight away, online, doing what I love; helping people with their health and wellbeing! This is now helped further with a well researched product, which is the key to our foundational health.

    It works around my full time responsibilities as a carer, bringing in that much needed extra income and has been wonderful for us all as a family.

    Joanna Croft

    Grandmother and carer

    Be Inspired to feel amazing today

    Be curious, ask questions and find out more from us about how #TheBePlan can support you.
    We’d love to be part of that journey with you.