Healthy Kids for FREE

Feel confident that your childrens’ growing bodies are getting the range of nutrients and support they need everyday, for free

Healthy Kids, Happy Kids


Fussy kids at mealtimes?

Worried that your child isn't getting all their vitamins and minerals?

Keen to support your Childs immune health and growing body?

Looking for something natural and supportive, without the nasties?

Thanks to this wellness initiative, your children can eat the rainbow every day, with our simple and convenient fruit and vegetable soft chewables, or capsules.

Backed by 20 years of results, you can join nearly 2 million families taking part across the world on our nutritional study for children, entitling your child to free nutritional goodness from our wholefood products, for free. The mission of the study is to help support you and your family in adopting a healthier diet and lifestyle, by fuelling the next generation with the daily recommended fruits and vegetables – and giving loving parents greater peace of mind.

Our kids mean the world to us, and we strive to give them the best start in life, so taking care of their health is vital importance. We know the healthy kids come from healthy homes and cultivating positive habits when it comes to eating well is paramount. But we also know that children can be fussy eaters, pushing vegetables around on their plate, or only eating the foods they enjoy, resistant to trying new flavours, thus lacking a range of nutrients from the nutritional rainbow.

Our study reveals:


were taking fewer over-the-counter and/or prescription drugs


were eating more fruits and vegetables


were visiting the doctor less


were more aware of their health


were reaping a positive benefit

How do you get involved? It’s easy… For every order adult order of wholefood capsules you purchase, your child (aged 4-21 years) will also receive their capsules or soft chewables for FREE, for up to 4 years! No catch! All we ask for in exchange is that you complete a few questionnaires regarding your Childs lifestyle habits.

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