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Meet #TheBePlan Founder, Chloe

Hey, I’m Chloe and the founder of #TheBePlan whilst also winging motherhood to my 2 crazy young boys! They’re the reason I started this! I was searching for something to fit around my kids, to earn me an income, keep the brain matter working and to provide me with something of my own – a new challenge and ‘hobby’… Which quickly became a passion!
The products speak for themselves (and cured my 20 years of acne too), and being able to impact lives directly and in such a positive way, whilst also working within this incredible team of people is the reason we do what we do and wake up everyday inspired!
For me, as a mentor, friend and leader within #TheBePlan, my greatest goal is in seeing others reach theirs: Be it in their health or their business! We truly owe it to ourselves to live our best lives and #TheBePlan is such a huge vehicle for this positive change… I’m so grateful to it and all those who are impacted by it!

Meet some of #TheBePlan team

Jeanette at The Be Plan


Hi I’m Beth and I joined #TheBePlan in 2020 when I was training to become a holistic wellness coach. I have always been passionate about health and fitness. I taught PE, and Food and Nutrition for 20 years but my stressful career was no longer serving me, and was having a detrimental effect on my emotional health. I hit rock-bottom. I wanted to be more of a mum, wife and happier at home, so made that change, following my passion to help people live a more vibrant life – and changing my own in the process. Since collaborating with #TheBePlan , it has been a journey of self-discovery and development – socially, emotionally and physically – and I’m so glad I took the opportunity to invest in the capsules and in the opportunity to join the community when I did. I couldn’t be more excited.


Hello, I’m Jeanette; Mum to two young children and working full time as a Technical Manager within the food industry. Since leaving University I’ve always had the desire to set up my own business and do something for myself but it never quite happened. So when the opportunity within #TheBePlan came along I said yes straight away! It has honestly being one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. I’ve been able to see first hand how our products directly impact my friends and family’s health and being able to share the same opportunity with others is such a pleasure. If you have a shred of entrepreneurial spirit or have always wanted to dip your toes into something new then there is nothing to lose. We are a hugely supportive team and I’ve genuinely made some wonderful friends for life as we all have the same common purpose. They say surround yourself with positive people and #TheBePlan does exactly that. What better way to support your long term health and wealth than with our mission!

Jeanette at The Be Plan
Lina at The Be Plan


Hi, I’m Lina. A true lover of fruits and vegetables since childhood. Born and raised in Cyprus, I was brought up surrounded by fruit and nut trees, along with organic herb and vegetable gardens. The shock came when I moved to England in 1998 to find a very different situation with the quality of produce.

Having worked as a podiatrist in primary care for 17 years-with mostly lifestyle diseases- I felt that a lot of these health issues could be avoided if we nourished ourselves better as a nation.

I retrained as a nutritionist in 2016 to help inspire people to take control of their health; to feel optimal, energised and thriving- just as we are all meant to be. I was also looking for an extra source of nutrition for myself and family to combat the suboptimal food we have access to. Along came the whole-food capsules, which was my WOW moment. Long story short, I love the concept, use it for my family and friends and see the results in people every single day! Hooray to more fruit and veg.


I joined the business because I am always recommending things to people, I loved the sound of the products and I wanted to be able to feed my passion for good health whilst helping others at the same time. Before I joined I was worried about being a bored housewife as my Hedge Fund job had dwindled down to virtually nothing. Now I always have something positive to focus on and will never feel unfulfilled. I also love the flexibility of being able to look after my kids in the holidays without having to worry about childcare!

Gemma at The Be Plan
Mel  at The Be Plan


I joined #TheBePlan in 2016 wanting to share the products far and wide, having seen incredible results for my own family, with inflammation, post operative outcomes, depression and chronic pain. I am proud to have a dedicated customer following, and a growing passion for children’s health. The business has enabled me to leave my full time managerial role and forge a new path studying Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, alongside raising my young son with my lovely husband Duncan.

The chance to join a team of successful, uplifting and inspiring people, all determined to positively impact their customers’ lives is, to me, a no brainer. I’d simply ask “What are you waiting for?!”

Nobody in our business is where they were a year ago, and everyone has a wonderful story to tell you!

If you have a vision for yourself a year from now, talk to us, we’d love to help you realise your goals and dreams and support you on that journey.

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