Nourish Your Body

Be equipped to feel good from the inside out

“Micronutrient deficiency is slowly & silently compromising our health.
Learn how to protect yourself & your family before it’s too late.”
— Dr Craig Burns

Why we need Wholefood Nutrition

Most of us try to eat healthily, but in a busy, fast-paced world, what you should eat and what actually you do eat can be conflicting.

  • Ever felt annoyed for grabbing the easy access meal deal, just to cope with your busy day?
  • Ever wished for an easier way to access more nutrients, to cover the portions and variety you know you need to stay healthy?
  • Ever felt uninspired when cooking your evening meal?

It’s not easy these days to access great nutrition – and it is overwhelming! But this is where our approach to wholefood nutrition works: It fits into this busy lifestyle. It bridges the gap and ensures your body gets the foundational nutrients it needs every day. It’s easy to access nutrition for when you are on the go. It’s small updates to your lifestyle, opening your eyes to a new and enhanced way of life. Its the right fuel to ensure you meet your daily challenges: whether at work or in your free time, without the compromise.

In addition, in today’s world, practicing daily disease prevention should be a way of life, to give your future health the best chance of longevity and sustainable living. Our products help ensure you are optimally supplied and supported with powerful natural antioxidants, nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Nourish your cellular health, reconnect with your body, maintain your energy, feel vital and feel empowered.


Wholefood Capsules

The simplest route to ensure wholesome nutrition daily.


Plant-Based Shakes

Flavourful, filling and packed with rounded nutritional needs.


Vegan Omegas

Give your brain and heart a daily dose of TLC.

Natural energy-icons

Natural Energy Drink

A natural energy boost through B vitamins and elite ingredients.

Wholefood Capsules

These are quite literally better health, in a handful! Bridge your daily nutritional gap with these concentratrated active ingredients of fruits and vegetables, fresh from the field.

  • Reduce silent inflammation
  • Be proactive in the fight against disease processes
  • Restore and repair to feel great again

30 years of passion and quality has created these incredible, beneficial wholefood capsules: An array of 30 sun-ripened fruits, vegetables and berries in a capsule: It’s that simple.

Over 40 gold-standard published studies spanning over 20 years support the effects of these specific capsules, making them the most researched nutritional product in the world! This also ensures your peace of mind, that investing in your health pays off and your body is able to accessing all of that goodness: The quality freshness of the whole food (leaves, roots, skin and all) is essential to ensuring the plant nutrients are kept in their natural form for your body to absorb, giving it the daily nutrient boosts it needs.

Our Fruit & Veg Capsules:

Contain the variety of 30 concentrated fruits, veggies and berries

Ensure maximum intake of nutritional ingredients - every day

A natural source of soluble fibre, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals

Naturally pure, guaranteed through constant laboratory monitoring

Free from artificial aromas, colours and chemical stabilisers

Gluten free and 100% Vegan


Easy, convenient, effective and affordable


Our Plant-Based Protein Shakes

Everyday life can be stressful and overwhelming – but you don’t need to forgo a healthy diet because of it.

  • Our on-the-go shakes adapt to your lifestyle
  • Refill the energy tank and help you achieve a balanced diet
  • Cheaper than a comparable meal and saves you time

Our plant-based shakes are a core component of our wellbeing programmes but they fast become a big part of all our health journeys. Full of flavour and providing the perfect balance of nutrition needed, our plant-based shakes can be used as a healthy meal replacement, or as a post-workout refuel, an afternoon booster, a support in weight control or even a chocolate shake treat for your kids after dinner.

Made from organic plant proteins, essential fats, carbohydrates, fibre and vitamins and minerals, they are a flexible tool to include in your personalised health and wellness plan.

Our Plant-Based Shakes:

Perfectly balanced blend of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats

Natural source of fibre, vitamins, and minerals

Low GI to balance blood sugar levels

Gluten free & Non GMO

100% Vegan & NSF Certified

Without preservatives, artificial colours of flavourings

Rating 1 on the PDCAAS scale

Convenient, affordable, easy and simple

Plant-Based Omegas

Pure Omega Gold, from plant-derived sources of Omegas 3, 5, 6 ,7 and 9.

Our bodies need these in abundance, and they do incredible things. You’ll have heard of Omega-3 fatty acids, found in cod and salmon livers, but you may be interested to hear about the full Omega family and their powerful impact on our health.

Our vegan omega capsules bypass the fish, and instead derive the essential fatty acids from seeds, fruit and algae, including pomegranate, black currant, safflower and sea buckthorn. The quality oils are minimally processed, beautifully preserved and uncompromised, and ensure your body effectively absorbs and gets the essential fatty acids it needs to thrive.

And the other reason we use plant-based omega capsules? Up to 50 fish can be killed for one bottle of fish oil omega 3. Yikes!


Over 8,000 scientific studies evidence the importance of Omega-3 for:

  • Supporting heart health and cardiac longevity
  • Brain health, as we age, alleviating mild memory challenges
  • Your eye health and vision
  • Supporting healthy pregnancy; foetal brain and eye development
  • Mood regulating decreasing emotional swings

And let’s not forget the rest of the Omega family:

  • Omega-5 supports cholesterol, diabetes, immune and skin health, healing and hormone balance
  • Omega-6 reduces inflammation and assists heart health
  • Omega-7 regulates blood sugars, weight, digestion and improves skin
  • Omega-9 supports inflammation response and immune health

In general, we all lack sufficient intake of omega fatty acids. Our plant-based capsules simply improve your health without the stress.

Our Omega capsules:

Contain an optimum mix of Omegas 3, 5, 6, 7 & 9

Omega-3 sourced from sustainable algae

Scientifically proven ingredients

Minimally processed

100% Vegan & Kosher certified

Gluten free & Non GMO

No artificial additives, aromas, preservatives, or colorants

Our Natural Energy Drink:

Elite, naturally sourced functional ingredients

Contain vitamins B2, B3, B5, B6 & B9 & folic acid

Reduce tiredness & fatigue

Support mental performance, to stay focused and alert

Contribute to a healthy metabolism and energy

Less than 30 calories & 2.5g sugar

40mg of plant derived caffeine from Yerba Mate

100% Vegan, Gluten free & Non GMO

No artificial colouring, flavouring or preservatives

Natural Energy Drink

Uplift and fuel your body and mind with this fruity blast of energy.

Most of us know how it feels to hit that afternoon slump!

  • Yawning and grabbing another quick coffee or a sugary treat for some short term relief?
  • Late nights or broken sleep and wishing you were back in bed?
  • A long day ahead and needing something to stay focused and alert?

Our energy drink is more than just a quick fix – its slow-releasing, sustained energy that is natural, nourishing and good for you – without those coffee jitters or nasty chemicals found in your shop bought energy drinks. It is perfect for busy mums, late nights, long days in the office, and when you need to be at your best.

And if you exercise, its great for that too! It’s added to your water bottle to give your adrenals that loving support from B-vitamins, and means you can really go the distance, with focus, energy and sustainability.

Slow release energy that is all natural, hydrating and replenishing.

Introducing our Performance Shakes

Have you been searching for a way to achieve your personal best, time and time again from your fitness training, or an efficient way to repair your body and build core muscle mass? Meet our plant-powered performance shake, designed to work as hard as you do.

Supporting numerous aspects of your fitness performance, our shake provides all 9 essential amino acids and high digestibility from plant-derived protein sources, to give your muscles what they need, whether it’s in the gym, a sports event, a daily run or your workout at home.

We have your building blocks for fitness and performance covered. Packed with wholefood goodness with naturally occurring vitamins and minerals including B vitamins from guava, lemon and mango and vitamin D from mushroom power, your body, bone health, mental focus and energy will be at its best.

Our Performance Shakes:

Wholefood ingredients

25g high quality plant protein

Vitamin B1, B2, B5 & B6 from a complex blend of mango, guava and lemon

Vitamin C from cherries

Vitamin D from mushroom powder

Only 6.5g naturally occurring sugar

100% Vegan, Gluten free & NON GMO

Fruit flavour

 What our clients say?

  • Before I started using the products I suffered from chronic pain and fatigue.  I had to give up work, ensure I could take a nap each day and not plan in more than 3 tasks per day. I stopped going out or meeting friends in the evening as I would be too exhausted. The pain meant I would become irritable and stressed. I started to struggle with anxiety and depression and it all turned into a vicious circle with sleeping problems thrown in, too.
    After 2 weeks of taking the whole food capsules I felt more energetic and able to walk longer, do more throughout the day and eventually scrap my afternoon snooze. After another month I noticed my joint pain had lessened - and now, a year after I started taking the capsules I managed to reduce my strong pain killers by half - after 8 years! I feel that I have taken some control back over my body and mind. The knowledge that I have, all the support and help I need, makes me optimistic that I will reach my health goals.

    Sandra G, Auto Immune

  • I feel so much better; lighter, more energetic, fitter and stronger, clearer brain and more focussed - and I’m at my lowest weight for a couple of years! Loving the food and have lost the bloat. I’m glowing inside and out! Love this community!

    Jenny W, Cleanse

  • Sensationally supportive since 2015! And… I’ve had 1 cold in that entire time.

    Kim B, Working Mum of Two

  • I’ve been using these products since 2017. Who knew that my struggle with my skin and diet would lead to this? The capsules helped me support my daily nutrition and also in promoting a healthy lifestyle. I’ve never looked back. They provide great energy and the satisfaction that you're putting something good in your body.

    Joseph V, Acne

  • I started taking the capsules to help me get back to feeling well after a long period of poor health. I was suffering with fatigue and exhaustion and my immunity, skin and hair was all out of balance. I have seen a huge improvement on every level - but mostly in my energy levels and immunity. I am fighting colds/bugs so much faster and not getting so ill each time: At 40, it’s better than in my 20’s, which feels amazing! The Childrens chewables have really helped my son fight all the bugs from school. It was just the boost we needed.

    Lucy D, Working Mum of Two

  • I started taking the capsules 3 years ago and have noticed a big improvement in my skin and general well being. My blood pressure, cholesterol and liver function is also amazing! It really helps my energy levels and immune system.

    Berenice G, Auto Immune

  • I started the capsules in 2017 because I wanted to boost my body with extra nutrients and I have taken them ever since. I already had a good diet but the capsules help me get a bigger variety.I love that the capsules are natural: No bad stuff, just lots of good veggies and fruits - so they are much easier for the body to absorb than a regular multi-vitamin. I would strongly recommend the capsules and I believe that most people would benefit from taking them.

    Thilde M, New Mum

  • I was approaching 60 and wanted to help my ageing process and give myself a head start. I was not expecting the amount of advantages that the capsules would bring! I have never felt better physically than I do now. I do not have aches and pains and exercise with no problems. The acne on my back has completely gone. Mentally my positivity has had a huge impact.

    Support in Ageing

  • I was feeling so run down and started on the  Fruits and Vegetable capsules,  and have not looked back.  Energy is up, the healing process when I am run down is far shorter and it has led to healthier eating habits and being much more aware of what my body needs. Also being part of such a lovely supportive group is wonderful.

    Alison Y, Peri Menopause