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Hello, I’m Jeanette; Mum to two young children and working full time as a Technical Manager within the food industry. Since leaving University I’ve always had the desire to set up my own business and do something for myself but it never quite happened. So when the opportunity within #TheBePlan came along I said yes straight away! It has honestly being one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. I’ve been able to see first hand how our products directly impact my friends and family’s health and being able to share the same opportunity with others is such a pleasure. If you have a shred of entrepreneurial spirit or have always wanted to dip your toes into something new then there is nothing to lose. We are a hugely supportive team and I’ve genuinely made some wonderful friends for life as we all have the same common purpose. They say surround yourself with positive people and #TheBePlan does exactly that. What better way to support your long term health and wealth than with our mission!


I joined the business because I am always recommending things to people, I loved the sound of the products and I wanted to be able to feed my passion for good health whilst helping others at the same time. Before I joined I was worried about being a bored housewife as my Hedge Fund job had dwindled down to virtually nothing. Now I always have something positive to focus on and will never feel unfulfilled. I also love the flexibility of being able to look after my kids in the holidays without having to worry about childcare!



I joined #TheBePlan in 2016 wanting to share the products far and wide, having seen incredible results for my own family, with inflammation, post operative outcomes, depression and chronic pain. I am proud to have a dedicated customer following, and a growing passion for children’s health. The business has enabled me to leave my full time managerial role and forge a new path studying Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, alongside raising my young son with my lovely husband Duncan.

The chance to join a team of successful, uplifting and inspiring people, all determined to positively impact their customers’ lives is, to me, a no brainer. I’d simply ask “What are you waiting for?!”


With a husband working long hours as a doctor, and with 3 young children and working full time herself, Lina needed an easy way to maximise her own energy levels and enrich her balanced diet amidst such a full and demanding lifestyle. Born in Cyprus, raised on an organic mediterranean diet, then working for the NHS for 17 years and now a registered nutritionist, Lina knows all too well the struggles people face today with their health, and in getting the right nutritional support and quality on a plate, every single day! It was a deep source of frustration for her. So when she heard about the whole-food capsules and delved into the clinical research behind them, she had her light-bulb moment! She had finally found something she could recommend to her clients and colleagues to enhance their intake of quality nutrition and their results. Lina is now on a mission to impact as many lives around the world as she can!


What Our Clients Say

“Life was very busy with work and being Mum to two small boys. I was doing my best but felt that I could do more to look after my long term health and wellbeing. I have now been on the capsules for 5 years and have never felt better. I have more energy, my skin is clearer and I have better resilience when it comes to bugs and illness. The capsules are a simple part of my daily routine that I wouldn’t be without!”

Angie B, Mum of Two

“I was rundown, but luckily, thanks to the capsules, they stopped the cold getting hold of my body completely. After taking them each morning I felt like I had the strength of 10 men. So unlike everybody else who is suffering this winter, I feel great and in better health than everyone else around me.”

Rita P, Works Two jobs

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