Top Tips to Lose Stubborn Weight

  • Are you frustrated and feeling like you have tried everything to budge that stubborn extra weight?
  • Do you desire greater body confidence and clothes that feel great on you again?

Here are #TheBePlan’s top 10 simple everyday tips that will help you budge that belly, lose the bloat and have you feeling fabulous again!

  1. Mindful Eating: Are you rushing or eating on the go and not fully savouring it? Mindful eating involves taking time when you eat – to notice the textures, flavours, aromas and chewing carefully. Being in the moment with your food will help to prevent overeating and also satiate your appetite more effectively.
  1. Slow Down: Your brain takes about 20 minutes to recognise that you are full – so take your time when eating – allow your body the time it needs to really ‘feel’ full. 
  1. Sleep Quality: According to research, those who average less than 5 hours of sleep a night retain more belly fat – as do those who exceed 8 hours! So try to ensure you are getting enough quality sleep each night – but not overdoing it!
  1. Eat Early: We encourage clients to try and eat early, before 6pm. Our body requires at least 3 hours before bedtime to properly digest food and use up excess calories!
  1. Carb Overload: If you are eating grains, be sure to make them complex whole grains (rice, wholewheat etc) – and avoid the refined carbs such as bread, pasta and processed foods. 
  1. Skipping Meals: Don’t skip your meals or massively reduce your calories – these will all contribute to slowing down your metabolism and retaining weight. They will also leave you hungry and more likely to crave foods. Meals should be balanced, with proteins, healthy fats and complex carbs, whilst eating regular meals and allowing time to digest. Alternatively for a healthy meal on the go, check out our amazing plant based smoothies!
  1. Get Moving: Gentle, regular exercise that raises your heart rate will effectively burn fat and support a healthy metabolism. This will massively improve your mood, as well as your waistline! 
  1. Smoke Free: If you smoke, you will be retaining greater belly fat as a protective measure against toxicity… So maybe now is the time to think about cutting down or quitting altogether! 
  1. Stress: This is a MAJOR cause of fat retention and hormone imbalance. Stress releases a hormone called cortisol into your body – and high levels can lead to weight gain, especially in your belly area. Practise relaxation techniques like deep breathing and meditation – and be sure to take the right supplementation to support your body through the inevitable oxidative stress output! 
  1. Cleanse Your Body: Stubborn weight is actually there to PROTECT your body! Fat is protective against toxic damage to our internal organs. So the key to losing weight once and for all is to support and up regulate your metabolism by throwing out our toxic load. Shed the toxins to then lose the extra weight. For further information about the most effective way to do this, check out our 10 minute video! 

With a few simple lifestyle changes and healthier habits, and tools to help you flood your body with nourishing whole foods, you can regain your natural zest for life, get out of the rut and look and feel fabulous again… AND we will be here to help you every step of the way!

Thanks for reading… And written with love from Chloe, Founder of #TheBePlan x

Written by Chloe Myers

July 21, 2022

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