Home Grown Goodness

All of the goodness, none of the fuss

  • Do you feel frustrated when you buy your crisp salad leaves, only to find them wilted and mushy a few days later?
  • Do you lack the garden space to grow your own fresh veggies?
  • Do you despair at the slugs eating your salad, or the weather ruining your hard work?
  • Do you lack the time it takes to head to your allotment each day and tend to your greens?

So many of us would love to eat clean, organic greens all year round and grow our own fresh veggies from home bursting with taste. But it’s not so easy to do, given the costs involved, or our garden size, the weather, the pests – and the time and commitment it takes.

So imagine a vertical allotment, conveniently situated in your home, that is self lit, self watering and grows 365 days a year! An allotment that is economic to run, needs no messy soil and provides you up to 20 different herbs, greens and veggies at a time for all the family to enjoy. Your very own salad garden, that avoids the digging and weeding but still ensures some level of self sustainability.

Chloe vertical growing

Reasons to be excited:

From seeds to your plate in just a few weeks

Extra goodness for your health and wellbeing

Fresh and intense flavours

Great for your kids

Self lit and self watering

Pest and soil free

98% less water used

Up to 70% more nutrient dense

Grows 3x faster

Greater self sustainability

Uses minimal space

Hassle free

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