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  • Stuck in a rut and feeling uninspired but not sure where to start?
  • Health niggles or stubborn weight you want to address without dieting?
  • Keen to break a few bad habits and embrace a healthier lifestyle that is sustainable?
  • Aware your body needs some TLC but how, when life is so busy?
  • Craving better energy and to reclaim your vitality but without added stress?

Our programme has one mission:
To encourage healthier lifestyles, connecting mind to body so you can be in tune to what you body loves best.

Our focus is on simple, achievable and long lasting healthy habits to give your mind and your body what it needs to feel great.

This is not a diet and it’s not a weight loss quick win. We don’t believe in short cuts, or fads, or being hungry and miserable. This is a sensible, coherent and science-backed approach to a healthier lifestyle. Our resets effectively cleanse the body and up regulate the body’s organs to remove the toxins stored away inside, getting healthy from the inside out. They encourage a new way of life that restores your self care, inspiration, energy and the understanding of what serves you best. The bonus? In just 10 days, your skin will be brighter, your bloating diminished, your brain fog lifted, and your energy enthused.

The best part though? We do it together. You, your health partner, and our community all join the journey to reduce inflammation, feel incredible and love the skin we are in. We share our stories along the way and more importantly, we share our success.

What can you expect to experience?

The be plan wellbeing

Natural detoxification

Maximised nutrition

Reduced inflammation

Increased energy

Great sleep

Clearer skin

Digestion reset

Mental clarity

Fat loss

Create new lifestyle habits

Learn more about our 10-day reset

Make your body work more effectively by expelling toxins which have collected up through stress, pollution, reduced nutritional choices, chemical ingredients, medication, alcohol and more.

Is this a diet? No, absolutely not. Diets don’t work long term – and ultimately, cause damage. This isn’t about calorie restriction or removing food groups and shutting down your metabolism. It’s about toxin elimination for a happier, healthier you.

For 10 days we work together to boost your body’s functioning, to start shifting the toxic load which renders us below par and to reset the body, kickstarting a healthier lifestyle that is sustainable. This reset is about doing something for you, today and for your future.

What’s involved:

10 days set aside just for you and your wellbeing.


Fruits and vegetables in a capsule, supporting from the inside out to repair and detoxify.


Plant-based shakes: To leave you feeling full, manage food cravings and deliver your
perfect balance of carbs, proteins and fats. Convenient and easy.


Removing inflammatory generators from your diet to help rid the toxins inside you.


Lots of restorative hydration, self care and sleep, because you are worth it.


Regular exercise, whether gentle or more intense, to get maximum results.


Quick and delicious recipes to get you out of the daily food rut and inspired again.


A health and accountability journal and weekly wellness tracker.


A host of interesting online wellbeing events to enjoy.


24/7 customer care and support from your own personal wellness partner.


Lifetime community support with advice, tips, inspiration and accountability.


It may be a personal journey, but you are not alone!

We are with you every step of the way! As a team we see the most optimum results, we feel connected, motivated, and supported. Share your tips, frustrations, wins and happiness; share it all! We are here with you and honoured to be part of your journey to empowerment and feeling incredible.

We can suit all budgets and tailor our programme to your personal goals!

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“I’ve been doing the 10 day programmes for the past 5 years and I absolutely swear by them! Without them, my body gets a bit out of ‘whack’; my skin isn’t as clear as usual and I start to feel bloated. As a keen runner I use the products every day to maintain a baseline good level of health. Before I discovered these products I used to get run down from too much exercise, now I know I am giving my body the extra nutrition it needs to be fighting fit and full of energy to lead a busy life. This programme is so great!”

Gemma W, Athletic Performance

“Love doing these programmes and enjoy the easy meal options that give my body both a boost and a rest! The beauty of this plan is its flexibility and ease to just slot back into. Im eating more new recipes which I love, my weight has been consistent, my skin is softer, I am sleeping much better and my energy is increasing.”

Susie T, Grandparent

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