Why whole food concentrates?

Hi! My name is Lina Kumar and I am a nutritionist at Cemed Ltd: Centres for Endocrinology, Medicine and Diabetes. My key interests in the field of nutrition are: gut health, optimal nutrition for longevity and the reversal/improvement of long-term lifestyle diseases. Examples of these diseases are type 2 diabetes, arthritis and digestive issues. I also have a keen interest in women’s hormonal health.

I recognised very early on in my career that being truly healthy from the inside out requires deliberate and consistent effort, and thus I decided to add a targeted aspect of nutrition to my clinical approach. For example, adopting the Mediterranean diet in diabetes, calorie deficit in weight loss, current concepts of intermittent fasting and using evidence-based supplementation as a vital support to our daily nutritional intake and ultimate cellular wellbeing.

Where appropriate in my consultations, I recommend some whole-food concentrates as a supplement to the diet. The reasons for this are as follows:

  1. Our fresh produce is significantly nutrient-deplete compared to what it was several decades ago. According to The American Society for Horticultural Science, there has been an alarming decrease in the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables in the last 70 years.
  2. Our way of life (technology, fast-paced world, pollution, exposure to radiation, chemicals we use on our body in creams, beauty products etc) puts a toll on the body, which can trigger the start of silent inflammation. In order for us to support the body and help support its detoxification, we need extra help from antioxidant compounds and living enzymes; these are abundant in fruits and vegetables.
  3. Most of us have busy lives and do not tend to make our health a priority. What tends to happen with nutritional plans (juicing is a big part of these) is that people start off enthusiastically but stop soon after because it gets too complicated or time-consuming. The benefit of these capsules is that they take no preparation: they are just swallowed every single day to form a foundational safety belt of nutrition.
  4. The science is now showing that we must consume 7-13 portions (a portion is a fist size or a cup for an adult and half a cup for a young child) to help reduce the risk of early death. These concentrates will add between 3-5 ‘portions’ of plant nutrition to your daily diet, on top of your regular intake of fruit and veg (they are not a substitute, but an add-on).
  5. They are evidence-based! Everything we do in our practice is backed by science, and so are these products. There are many others on the market, but these stand out because of their solid research behind them, longevity and simplicity. They are also certified and 3rd-party tested, both of which are crucial for a quality product.


For further information about the evidence-based supplements that I personally recommend, please delve into our website further HERE.

And for more blogs to inspire you, or to book an appointment to see me, visit https://www.cemed.co.uk/

Love, Lina x

Nutritionist and member of #TheBePlan Team.

Written by Chloe Myers

June 15, 2022

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